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Monday, June 29, 2009


Below is a photo of my darling Auntie Ina and Uncle Benny with my nephew, Preston. This picture was taken on Sunday, June 28th after we attended their mission farewell. They left this morning to go to the MTC and will be travelling to South Africa for 23 months on an LDS mission. I am going to miss them dearly, but they will always be close in heart. LOL!

Isn't this a great photo! A charming vintage bicycle tucked neatly in a flower bed. Showcasing the American flag with bright stars and waving stripes of red and white brimming with a basket of beautiful flowers. Patriotic indeed.

Here is the first photo of my WIP on the stars and stripes project.

Can you believe that tomorrow marks the last day of June??? I can't believe how this month just flew by us. Maybe it was all the rain we had. Nevertheless, my DH is turning the lights out on me and my cute Jibby cat is wanting to lay on the keyboard. I guess I better take the hint "lights out".


Terri(TerriBoog) said...

Good luck to your auntie and uncle in S. Africa. Wow ~ such a long time to be gone. I wish them Godspeed.

Great start on your stars and stripes!

Deb said...

Best wishes to your aunt and uncle in S. Africa. Love your start on the stars and stripes and do love that picture of the bicycle.

Alice said...

I pray for the safety of your aunt and uncle in South-Africa being a South-African myself.