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Monday, January 16, 2012

A Visit from the Green Grinch Himself

"Summer's Souvenir"
by Blackbird Designs
30 ct Dye Pot linen

Sunday my furry cuddle bug, Jibby, and I snuggled most of the afternoon watching old black and white movies from the 50's and I started a new project.  It was a great way to spend an afternoon after I washed sweaters and did some general cleaning.  This is yet another "patriotic" stitch that I have been wanting to do, so I was happy to pull everything I needed for it from my overwhelming stash of "to-do's".  But, like I said, no pressure here, I am going to enjoy the journey.  Well, I did until this little fellow showed up......

Yup, I know some of you have been unfortunate to receive a visit by Mr Frog himself, too.  As you see that purple border, well it was suppose to be separated into two lines not one big bulky one....ugh!!!!!!  I wish the tooth fairy or Peter Cottontail showed up instead, but I guess it was my turn for the grinch of frogs to visit me. At least I caught my mistake before it became a monsterous disaster and had most of it done.  I need to rip out the star, too. 

Onto other things, here is a not so perfect photo of an old quilt I happened along on a visit to one of my favorite thrift stores. A steal of a deal for only $6.99.  You can't even buy a yard of fabric for that today.  I love the red baskets and this was a treasure find for me.  It had never been washed by the looks of it.  Not that it was dirty because it wasn't but it wasn't puckered as cotton tends to do once it is washed.  So as soon as I got it home I threw it into the washer and here it is.  Love it!!! Pretty and simple.

Here is my favorite son, or young man, Brayden.  He is my near perfect boy, he is awesome at everything he does.  He amazes me everyday.  He gets straight A's in all of his classes, and they aren't easy classes.  Which makes me glad he is getting some college credit for his hard work. 

Here are a few samples of his artwork.  He loves being crafty, too, just not with needle and thread!  Maybe never knows!

Siberian Tiger


Not sure who this is, but most likely an athlete, he absolutely loves the game of basketball and he is a go getter at this sport, too.

Hope you are staying warm and healthy.  Until next time......



Friday, January 13, 2012


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Blackbird Designs
"Union Forever"
designed by Maggie Bonanomi

In 2012, I have decided to concentrate on this:

"Focus on the journey, not the destination. Joy is found not in finishing an activity, but in doing it."  So, I am going to enjoy my stitching time and not make it a "job" but a "hobby"; something that relaxes me and calms me from the daily stesses of everyday life.  I am not pushing the limits on how many projects I have to do and finish in 2012.   I just want to enjoy the feel of the fibers, threads and textures along with the beautiful flavors as I stitch with my needle.  Simple, and doable with "no strings attached".

So, with this in mind, I started something new for the new year, something that would sing to my heart when the skies are bleak and gray.  Something simple, yet subtle and delivers a I turned to our nations colors, the red, white and blue.  I am "focusing" on patriotism this month and the brave hearts that give us these freedoms, the freedoms that are not free, but come with a high price.  Sometimes that price is life.

May I introduce you to my first finish for 2012.