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Monday, June 29, 2009


Below is a photo of my darling Auntie Ina and Uncle Benny with my nephew, Preston. This picture was taken on Sunday, June 28th after we attended their mission farewell. They left this morning to go to the MTC and will be travelling to South Africa for 23 months on an LDS mission. I am going to miss them dearly, but they will always be close in heart. LOL!

Isn't this a great photo! A charming vintage bicycle tucked neatly in a flower bed. Showcasing the American flag with bright stars and waving stripes of red and white brimming with a basket of beautiful flowers. Patriotic indeed.

Here is the first photo of my WIP on the stars and stripes project.

Can you believe that tomorrow marks the last day of June??? I can't believe how this month just flew by us. Maybe it was all the rain we had. Nevertheless, my DH is turning the lights out on me and my cute Jibby cat is wanting to lay on the keyboard. I guess I better take the hint "lights out".

Friday, June 26, 2009


Isn't this AWESOME!!! I can't tell you how excited I was to find this. I paid $29.99 for it at a local second hand store. Can you imaging sewing with that crank arm? The case is curved oak with a handle for ease of carrying. I researched the serial number on it and found it was made in 1922. The picture isn't the greatest (sorry) but i used the camera on my cell phone to capture it. It has beautiful etched and scrolled artwork on the silver parts and gorgeous gold and red paint to boot. This will make a nice conversation piece in my "craft" room as I call it. I have been trying to collect some old thimbles, scissors, etc. to display in a shadow box that I will hang on the wall above the machine. I hope you are jealous with envy!!! (I know I would be if you bragging about it on your blog!).

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Day 3 of Summer and we finally have some sunshine!!! Yeah! I decided it's time to do some patriotic stitching before July gets here. Doesn't this look like a fun stitch? After I get the first star stitched, I won't need my pattern until I get to the wording. The star is just repeated over and over to form our beautiful American flag. The pattern is from Sam Sarah Design Studio; I have changed some of the flavors as I usually do. Also, I picked up a book at the thrift store called "America the Beautiful", it's an interesting read about how the song came about and how the words have been reworked a few times. I will give you an update on this book at a later date. The quote for today is "A smile is a curved line that sets things straight". Until next time, have fun stitching!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Golden Bird Cage

Can you believe it, today is the first day of summer and all it seems to do around here is rain, rain, rain! But today we also had hail. Where did the sunshine go? If you find it, please send some to my little corner of the world.

In the meantime, here is a sweet little sampler stitched with good old DMC thread and aged to perfection with a dose of coffee. I purchased a ready made frame to display my golden caged bird. I think it provides a vision of an era gone by...kind of a rustic antique look.

This is an older pattern I found in my stash of "to do's" from Prairie Schooler. I love the finished look...warm and golden.


Monday, June 15, 2009


"Flash" update....I was going to have this finished on Monday the 8th for my hubby and I's 19th anniversary, but I guess the constant rain we have been having for the last two weeks has really "dampened" my spirits. I will, however, finish it this evening.

Saturday, I visited Shepherd's Bush, my favorite LNS, and found some fun patterns and such to tuck away in my "stash". The Bush is the neatest candy store for me (who needs the mall) when I really want to go shopping. It is kind of like a little vacation....away from home, a break from chores, phones, kids, and best of all it is the BEST library around. Someday, you just might be able to experience the fun of visiting Shepherds Bush and visiting with Terri and Tina. They are both very fun and bubbly!!!!

Monday, June 1, 2009


Pictured here is one of my "irons in the fire" as my mother would have called it. So many projects to a stitch, there a stitch. The pattern is by Midsummer Night Designs. I have chosen the flavor, apple fritter, by Crescent Colors to stitch it in. It is actually stitching up pretty fast. My (our) wedding anniversary is coming up on the 8th of June, so I am stitching this up as a keepsake for our wedding day. This year will mark our 19th year of wedded bliss!! Today, June 1st, is also my parents and grandparents wedding anniversary. Unfortunately they have all passed on from this life, but hopefully they are celebrating it in heaven. On my sidebar you will see I have added a link to a pinkeep giveaway, Yuko has done a beautiful job on it and she is celebrating her third year of blogging. Thanks Yuko for inviting all to participate in this givaway!