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Monday, June 1, 2009


Pictured here is one of my "irons in the fire" as my mother would have called it. So many projects to a stitch, there a stitch. The pattern is by Midsummer Night Designs. I have chosen the flavor, apple fritter, by Crescent Colors to stitch it in. It is actually stitching up pretty fast. My (our) wedding anniversary is coming up on the 8th of June, so I am stitching this up as a keepsake for our wedding day. This year will mark our 19th year of wedded bliss!! Today, June 1st, is also my parents and grandparents wedding anniversary. Unfortunately they have all passed on from this life, but hopefully they are celebrating it in heaven. On my sidebar you will see I have added a link to a pinkeep giveaway, Yuko has done a beautiful job on it and she is celebrating her third year of blogging. Thanks Yuko for inviting all to participate in this givaway!

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