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Sunday, August 30, 2009


For the Birds

by The Drawn Thread

What is it about birds?

Is it their sweet songs, their feathers, or is it their first presence in spring?

Whatever it is, I love them all; blackbirds, peacocks, hummingbirds, crows, owls, turkeys, blue jays, robins, cardinals, ravens, eagles, osterichs, flamingos, seagulls, chickadees. The list goes on and on.......

This picture was taken in April 2009 at Hole in the Rock, just outside of Moab, UT.

Don't you just love the little worm inching along between the Mama crow and her babies?
And of course, the prowling cat with watchful eyes..............

What a pair of lovely ducks, no cares in the world, just relaxing in a pool of cool water......

And who could forget the lovely moonlit owl........ or the proud, prancing peacock......

How pleasant the life of a bird must be,
Flitting about in each leafy tree;
In the leafy trees so broad and tall,
Like a green and beautiful palace hall,
With its airy chambers light and boon,
That open to sun and stars and moon;
That open to the bright blue sky,
And the frolicsome winds as they wander by.
They have left their nests on the forest bough;
Those homes of delight they need not now;
And the young and the old they wander out,
And traverse their green world round about;
And hark! at the top of this leafy hall,
How one to the other in love they call!
"Come up! Come up!" they seem to say,
"Where the topmost twigs in the breezes sway."
"Come up! come up! for the world is fair
Where the merry leaves dance in the summer air.
"And the birds below give back the cry,
"We come, we come to the branches high."
How pleasant the lives of the birds must be,
Living in love in a leafy tree!
And away through the air what joy to go,
And to look on the green, bright earth below!
How pleasant the life of a bird must be,
Skimming about on the breezy sea,
Cresting the billows like silvery foam,
Then wheeling away to its cliff-built home!
What joy it must be to sail, upborne,
By a strong free wing, through the rosy morn,
To meet the young sun, face to face,
And pierce, like a shaft, the boundless space!
To pass through the bowers of the silver cloud;
To sing in the thunder hall aloud;
To spread out the wings for a wild, free flight
With the upper cloud-wings, oh, what delight!
Oh, what would I give, like a bird, to go,
Right on through the arch of the sun lit bow,
And see how the waterdrops are kissed
Into green and yellow and amethyst.
How pleasant the life of a bird must be,
Wherever it listeth, there to flee;
To go, when a joyful fancy calls,
Dashing down 'mong the waterfalls;
Then wheeling about, with its mate at play,
Above and below, and among the spray,
Hither and thither, with screams as wild
As the laughing mirth of a rosy child.
What joy it must be, like a living breeze,
To flutter about 'mid the flowering trees;
Lightly to soar, and to see beneath,
The wastes of the blossoming purple heath,
And the yellow furze, like fields of gold,
That gladdened some fairy region old!
On the mountain tops, on the billowy sea,
On the leafy stems of a forest tree,
How pleasant the life of a bird must be!

Friday, August 28, 2009


The winner of "Anna Stonebreaker" by Hands to Work is......."Cari" aka "Simply Fabulous Cari!!!! Congrats to Cari, I will contact you for your address and get the chart and floss out to you A.S.A.P. If you haven't checked out Cari's blog yet, you need to see all the fun things she has been up to lately. Simply "click" on her name above and it will direct you to her site. It's wonderful.

Spring Floral Sampler
by Knotted Tree Needlework
As some of you may know, I have been spending my stitching time on "Sail Away" so I have dedicated most of my time on the SAL project, but as you can see above, I finished a fun "Springy" project that I started back earlier this year. (So many WIP's, never enough time, darn it!!!) As I am writing this post, it dawns on me that for some reason I am having a brainfart as to who the designer is....hmmmm!!! (Yes, I can be blonde at times) LOL! I will edit the post later and let you know more info when I get home about this cutie patoody spring bird sampler.

Look what I found today! A new freebie chart offered by The Cricket Collection. Isn't it great??!! Here is the link so you can download it for your stitching pleasure. Definitely, gotta make this one, too.

If anyone would like the Bucilla kit shown above, please send me an email or leave a comment and I will send this to you for free. Well, I am blogging on my lunch break, so I need to tie things up for now and get back to work. Happy Friday Everyone!!!!

Monday, August 24, 2009


Anna Stonebreaker Sampler
by Hands to Work
Since I don't have much to post today I thought I would have another giveaway!!! So, look what I found at one of the LNS in my area. This is a great chart called Anna Stonebreaker by Hands to Work. It is a reproduction and best of all I purchased three of these patterns at just $1.00 each. I couldn't resist, so I bought one for myself and one for a friend and one to giveaway. I also purchased the thread for it and I will include them with the pattern. Everyone loves different counts of linen so I will let you supply that. The rules for this giveaway are to simply leave a comment on this post only and tell me what your favorite linen count to stitch on is. I will be drawing the winner on Friday, August 28th, so you can leave your entries until midnight on Thursday, August 27th.

I have received several comments as to where you can purchase scissors like the ones that appear on both July 27th and August 19th posts. If you go to ebay and do an advanced search on sellers for rosa0537, or she has a store called Mercerie Loisirs Creatifs you may be able to purchase you a pair there.
I am continuing my progress on Sail Away, but haven't made enough progress to post pics quite yet so I will update photos in the next couple of days.

"What you keep to yourself you lose, what you give away you keep forever."

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Jane Austen Winner......Kellie

Congrats to Kellie, she is the lucky winner of the Jane Austen dvd collection. I have already contacted Kellie and I will mail her prize out tomorrow, Monday, August 24th. Thanks to all of you who posted comments on this giveaway. I really enjoyed reading all the fun traditions you enjoy around Christmas time. I must say I love Christmas but growing up I kind of got cheated out of things. My birthday falls around Christmas, December 23rd to be exact. I have pictures of me wrapped in a white blanket laying in a basket with a big red bow tied around me. I was a "gift" to my brother and sister as I came home on Christmas day. My mother told me my brother was very proud of me and was excited to have a little sister as he carried me around all day. As time went on my birthday melted into Christmas which meant I received a birthday/Christmas gift all in one. So I felt I got short changed growing up. Anyway, I have very fond memories of Christmases past, we spent many Christmases at my grandparents home in Koosharem, Utah, along with my aunt, uncle, and cousin. We would all bundle up after Thanksgiving, purchase a $3.00 permit to cut down our own tree and head out to the mountains in search of the perfect Christmas tree. I remember walking in snow that was knee deep trying to find a tree that was shapely on every angle as my Mother was very picky. I also had fun picking out my own tree for my bedroom. My parents let me have my own tree that was just "my" size and as I got older the tree became taller too. I had lots of fun ornaments to display, and my favorite ones were plastic glow in the dark icicles which were my Grandmother's on my Mom's side. They were special to me because this Grandma passed away when I was a baby so I never really knew her. Somehow, I felt a connection with her thru these glowing icicles like an angel watching over me. Traditionally I have taken my son shopping for a new ornament every year since he was born for his own tree. One day when he gets married he will take these with him for his own new family. I treasure the times we gathered as a big family on Christmas Eve to have family dinner and we were allowed to open one gift on that night. Such a spectacular time of year with all the beautiful light displays that warm up a cold wintery night. I can't believe how long this post is getting, so I will close for know for some shut eye. Tomorrow marks the first day of the new scohol year for my son. I had a wonderful weekend in the pines fishing and stitching, but I am saddened that summer has went by so quickly. Here's to a wonderful new week and thank you once again for sharing your thoughts with me. I appreciate each and every comment you leave, they really make my day.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


8/17/09 - week 2 8/17/09 -close up
Progress - Week 1 Hello everyone, it's been a while since I posted any photos on my blog, so I thought I would share a few updated photos of my "Sail Away" SAL. I am having alot of fun with this one. I haven't stitched with one stand of floss for quite some time. I really like working with the silks and I love the feel of the thread in my hands, they are so soft. My family and I are going camping this weekend so I will be able to get round three done and hopefully get back to the one over one I have been working on. (not) I have been so occupied with the Sail Away project and getting things ready for school that I haven't had any time to work on my other WIP's.
The weather here has cooled off quite a bit and I can feel hints of autumn on wing. I love fall, it's my very favorite time of the year, but I think this summer has gone by so fast I'm not sure where it went. Last week on Friday I started a new diet. Good Bye ice cream!!! It is definitely a challenge, but I am strong willed, so I will just keep myself busy stitching so I won't think about food. Wish me luck, I know there is a skinnier version of me inside just dying to come out!!! Oh, don't forget to post a comment on my "Jane Austen" giveaway if you would like a shot at winning the dvd set. Until next time.....

Friday, August 14, 2009


Up for grabs is a new set of 6 dvd's called "The Jane Austen Collection", BBC version. I love to watch movies and unwind while I cross stitch, don't you? To enter this drawing all you need to do is: 1) leave a comment under this post telling me what you love most about Christmas and explain what family traditions you participate in each year for that holiday. 2) If you don't celebrate Christmas, then explain what other family traditions you carry out sometime during the year. 3) Leave your birth date ...month and day only. Please make sure you leave your info so I know how to contact you if you don't have a blog. You may leave your comments until August 22nd. I will be drawing the lucky winner's name and notifying them on August 23. Good Luck to you all!!!

Friday, August 7, 2009


Look what I caught in the mail....a fishy scissor fob handmade from FayeRaye. "The Carolina Stitcher" is such a sweet gal. FayeRaye won my giveaway for the La D Da "Live Laugh Love" and she decided to make me this adorable fob as a thank you gesture. Thanks FayeRaye, I LOVE it. I will always think of summer 2009 and picture you sitting on the beach, sand between your toes, the sound of water washing into shore, birds singing, and you with your sunglasses on stitching away and beading away!!! What a great way to spend your summer. You can check out FayeRaye's blog here, she is amazing and she stitches like a machine!!!

Somehow, someway, I forgot to post about a giveaway I received a little while ago, sorry Monique! But here it is everyone. How lucky was I to be the recipient of not one but four patterns!! Woo Hoo!!! Monique is the designer of My Mark Designs, you can check out her blog here. Many thanks Monique, this was a great giveaway and my first on winning one.

Lately I have been stitching on Shepherds Bush "Sail Away". I will be posting an update of what I have accomplished later this evening on the Sail Away SAL blog. Until next post, happy stitching my friends!!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Shepherd's Bush Sail Away SAL

Today, August 5, 2009 marks the first day of a new start for my first SAL. It also marks Terri's 5oth Birthday, which is why I am so excited!!! I love birthdays and celebrations, as long as it's not mine (LOL)! I have posted a picture of the kit for "Sail Away" above so you can see what I will be stitching over the course of the next seven weeks along with some new stitching friends, aka "sailors". Please check out the SAIL AWAY SAL blog to follow our progess. This should prove to be great fun. Grab you sunglasses and sunscreen and come "Sail Away" with us on our new venture. Aye, Aye Matyi!!!

Monday, August 3, 2009


I don't think this looks like very much progress, but considering it one over one and the fact I did most of it while riding in the car up to the Uintahs, I feel pretty good I completed a few baby steps over the weekend. I wish I could share more of this story with you, but I can't quite yet, but you will see someday why. I am in the progress of getting my "stuff" together for the SAL "Sail Away" that starts this Wednesday. I hope that between now and then I can get some good time in to finish this one over one project. I think the end result will be worthwhile (keeping fingers crossed)!!! Sorry this is such a short post, but I am trying to finish things up on my lunch break. Gotta save that extra time after work for stitching so I can get it done by Wednesday!!! Wish me luck!!