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Monday, June 21, 2010

SHOP HOPPIN' 2010 - Part 1

Good evening friends, I have been working on this "Tour de Utah" for a couple of nights now, I am warning you, this is one HEAVY post with lots and lots of fabulous eye candy.  On the last post I told you I was going on my first Shop Hop with Loraine. Turns out, the day we had planned, Wednesday, June 16th, opening day, didn't go as we had originally planned.  There were severe wind warnings at the point of the mountain and predictions that there would be 70 mph winds.  Loraine's hubby was concerned and thought it best to hold out for a day because the forecast was better on Thursday and Friday.  Unfortunately, I had made arrangements to get Wednesday off and I had to work Thursday and Friday so I couldn't make the swap so the two of us could go shopping together.  So, what's a girl to do???  Go anyway, fight the winds and have fun!  I hit 10 stores the first day, 3 the second day, and 1 on each of the last two days.  On Saturday, I met up with Loraine at Village Dry Goods and we shopped, shared stash, and went out to lunch together.   She made me a cute little pincushion of the American flag with a tag that read "Shop Hop 2010" to commemorate the event.  (I will post a photo of it in Part 2, Shop Hop).  It was a really fun day, I wish we could have had the whole day on Wednesday to shop til we dropped.  That first day was fun, but tiring.  I wore comfy clothes, socks and shoes, but nevertheless I shopped so much I wore blisters on my feet.  Ouch!  Tomorrow I will post Part 2 of Shop Hop and show you some of the fun things I bought.  So, sit back and enjoy all the beautiful eye candy, there are some talented gals here in Utah and this is some of their beautiful artwork, the photo's do the talkin'.......

Loraine (center) with two of her favorite gals at Village Dry Goods

Thanks for visiting, I hope you enjoyed a little insight to Shop Hop 2010.