be free

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


I started a cross stitch the other day
I've started at least a hundred and one,
and only a handful of those are done.
My problem is simple and plain and easy to see;
I'm hooked on cross stitch, it's not as bad as could be.

I don't drink or gamble, I just sit and stitch.
This is my weakness, my passion, my itch.
Each project I buy is exciting and new,
I can't wait to get started, so that's what I do.
I stitch on the new piece, forgetting the old.
That makes one more piece that I'm putting on hold.
If I bought no more projects ever again,
I'd still never finish if I live to one hundred and ten.
So I'll keep right on buying forever more.
(I'm a preferred customer at my local stitch store.)

And when my time comes, in stitchers heaven I'll be
With enough unfinished projects to last through eternity.
I'll sit and I'll stitch all the day through.
And I may finish a project, perhaps even two!
~Author unknown