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Monday, June 15, 2009


"Flash" update....I was going to have this finished on Monday the 8th for my hubby and I's 19th anniversary, but I guess the constant rain we have been having for the last two weeks has really "dampened" my spirits. I will, however, finish it this evening.

Saturday, I visited Shepherd's Bush, my favorite LNS, and found some fun patterns and such to tuck away in my "stash". The Bush is the neatest candy store for me (who needs the mall) when I really want to go shopping. It is kind of like a little vacation....away from home, a break from chores, phones, kids, and best of all it is the BEST library around. Someday, you just might be able to experience the fun of visiting Shepherds Bush and visiting with Terri and Tina. They are both very fun and bubbly!!!!

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Deb said...

Wanted to stop by and say hi. Noticed that you entered my giveaway, so thought I'm stop by and visit your blog. I love finding new blogs. Love the piece that you did for your anniversary. I know how it is to give ourselves deadlines and not quite make it. I am so envious that you can just hop over to Shepherd's Bush. I would think that I died and went to heaven if they were close by. I just started their Queen Bee. Anyway, keeping fingers crossed that my DD picks your name for the giveaway.