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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Award...Thanks Carin!

Thanks Carin for sharing the Sweet Friends award with me.  I was asked to list ten things that make me happy.  Something fun to think about so here is my list:

Things that bring me happiness:

  1. My Son, Brayden, definitely my greatest miracle
  2. My Three Children in Fur Coats, Jazpurr, Tinkerbella, and Twinkie Doo for their unconditional love
  3. Shopping for Second Hand Treasures and Antiques
  4. Bringing Happiness to Others .... Spoiling
  5. Cross Stitching and Buying More Stash (Addict for sure) lol
  6. Sunshine and Music...Country and Rock
  7. My Hubby, Mike, and the little things like Coffee in Bed, Mike's special recipe
  8. Family & Friends (Chatting, Camping, ATVing, Fishing, etc.) 
  9. Creating....My mind never sleeps!!
  10. Photography and Gardening (gates, tractors, barns, dirt, flowers, yard art)

That was hard to narrow down to only ten.  Now I would love to pass this award on for ten fabulous friends:

  • Terri
  • Deb
  • Cari
  • Siobhan
  • Pumpkin
  • Kellie
  • Jennifer
  • CarolynNC
  • Myra
  • Ranae
Wow, and I though the first ten were hard to narrow down.....personally, I think everyone that visits my blog deserves the Sweet Friend Award.  I enjoy reading your comments and I enjoy visiting your blogs for inspiration, eye candy and friendship.




Cari-in-VA said...

Jolene, congratulations on your award. You are so very deserving - always full of kind words and sweet thoughts and fun!

I hope you have a wonderful Sunday with your family.

Pumpkin said...

Congrats on your award Jolene, you certainly deserve it :o)

I truly thank you for passing it on to me but I'm not taking awards for my Blog anymore. Too much pressure! I won't feel bad if you want to award it to someone else but I do feel honored that you thought of me :o)

Jennifer said...

Congrats on this award and you deserve it!
I feel honored (and blushing) to be in the ten but thank you so much!

I'm heading out to Boston for a week tomorrow and hope to get online some but not sure, we'll see how it goes. But till later....
and I do so love your blog!


Myra said...

Congratulations Jolene! Those are fun things to think about. Thank you for honoring me as well. It might take a while to narrow my happy list down to 10 as I tend to be a pretty happy person. :o)

Carolyn NC said...

Thank you Jolene! You are indeed sweet to pass this on to us. :)

Ranae said...

Thanks!! so much for thinking of me. You surely deserve it and it makes me happy to read your blog. So right back at you.

Deb said...

Jolene - Thank you so much, but I think that you with your generosity and sweet ways are more deserving of this award than anyone. But you are so nice to pass it on to the rest of us!

Berit said...

I had fun reading about your Ten things! :D

CindyMae said...

Congrats on the wonderful award!

Terri(TerriBoog) said...

congratulations on the award, Jolene! You are certainly a sweetie so deserving!

Alice said...

Sweet Award Jolene. : ) The cupcake on that picture just got my tastebuds going. Aie aie!!

Siobhan said...

Jolene, congrats on the award, and thanks for sharing it with me! You are too sweet.

I will enjoy watching your progress on Hare's Christmas. I have this vision of all the hare designs done up into pin keeps, and rotated according to the season. It's a vision since I haven't started stitching one yet. ;)