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Friday, November 20, 2009


Happy Friday friends!! I posted a photo of this book I got last week and I have had a few requests to see what it looked like inside. I am not sure what the language is, but if you know what it is I would love for you enlighten me/us with your knowledege. It's obvious it is some type of religion book, but I am not convinced this is a bible.
If you are able to identify anything about this book, I would love to hear from you. Thanks.


valerie said...

Hi Jolene, I believe that book is either a Danish Lutheran hymnal or psalm book. The Danish National Church is Evangelical Lutheran and I'm pretty sure that's the origin of the book. I don't read Danish though so that's about all I know...

paru's_circle said...

its definetly Danish, printed in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, definitely a Christian religious book

Branlaadee said...

The book is called: psalmebog for kirke og hjem ~ Hymn-book for church and home. From a quick google it looks like it may be the official hymnbook of the Danish Church first published in 1899. Your version seems to be a 1904 version, and very pretty.

Missy Ann said...

Awesome, I looked online before I checked the comments. I picked right, I was going to say Danish too.

Jennifer said...

This is a Dutch Bible. The reason I know is that my husband is dutch and we went through a museum in his hometown that has alot of his family heirlooms and they had a Dutch Bible there. It looks almost just like it.
I would bet 99% that it is.
The inside of their bibles are hard to read like ours. My husband's aunt had one and it looks just like it.
Feathers in the Nest

Julie said...

Definitely looks Dutch to me. Kobenhaven is "Copenhagen".

Carolyn NC said...

Ditto Branlaadee. The translation I used in Danish said the same thing. What a sweet treasure!

Berit said...

Yeah, it has some specialty/antiquated letterforms that make it harder to google, like:


Gorgeous. Thanks for the interior peek. Looks like it was *not quite* a missal.

Carin said...

Ohhh what a beautifull book. Love the outside, but the inside with the pictures are beautifull !!!

Violet Viola Viooltje said...

This is a Danish Hymnebook for church and home use.
Google for more info, tip: use a translation gadget.

I also want to clarify some things said by former commenters.

The Dutch(!) people live in the Netherlands(!).

I'm Dutch so I should know where I'm living, and this is absolutely not a Dutch book.

The Danish(!) people live in Denmark(!).

Sorry about my English.
Try writing me back in Dutch...?

Siobhan said...

Very interesting responses! I would have guessed German from the style of the writing, but even though I don't know much German, I could tell that the words themselves weren't in the German language. Very cool stuff that blogging helps you find out, huh? :) Thanks for the peek inside!

Riet said...

I am from Holland and live near the German border. It's not German and not Dutch.
Regards Riet