be free

Friday, May 8, 2009


Tigger was my brothers lab. A sweet old dog that I just loved. This picture was taken in the Summer of 2008 in front of my Aunt's home in Southern Utah. Tigger was a shy dog, but he was a special dog nonetheless. He recenltly passed away and I wanted to share the last photo I took of him with you.


Chrissie said...

Beautiful Tiger. Look at that gorgeous face. Run free sweet boy!!


Alice said...

Its like losing a family member. Our animals leave deep footprints in our hearts.

JoAnn said...

What a sweet dog. I clicked on Tigger's name because we recently had our Jack Russell pass away and her name was Trigger. Similar to Tigger. I know your Tigger had to be as lovable as our Trigger. We love our animals so much and I know they loved us too. JoAnn