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Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Yesterday I was "talkin' turkey" and this is what it looks like so far as of last night. This is a pattern by Need'l Love called "Primitive Gobbler", that I bought a few years back and I found that turkey just a jabberin' and screaching for me to rescue him from my I did! Now, if I am lucky enough I will have all the punching done this evening. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

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Also, I have been working on "Fancey Blackett" by Pineberry Lane. Oh, how..I..LOVE..her! This is where I left off on it a week ago.

Fancey Blackett
by PineBerry Lane
Vintage Light Exemplar, 35 ct 
DMC thread

And last I have been making hundreds, and really I mean 100's of yo-yo's for a quilt. I took a snap of what a few of them are looking like.

I am enjoying the beauty of the fall flowers, here is a pretty photo of some black-eyed Susan's I took just as some of them were starting to die off.

Today I let my son drive his car to school for his very first time.  I haven't received any phone calls yet for any mishaps, but I am keeping my fingers crossed.......soooo scary!

"I know the year is dying,

Soon the summer will be dead.

I can trace it in the flying

Of the black crows overhead;

I can hear it in the rustle

Of the dead leaves as I pass,

And the south wind's plaintive sighing

Through the dry and withered grass.

Ah, 'tis then I love to wander,

Wander idly and alone,

Listening to the solemn music

Of sweet nature's undertone;

Wrapped in thoughts I cannot utter,

Dreams my tongue cannot express,

Dreams that match the autumn's sadness

In their longing tenderness."

- Mortimer Crane Brown, Autumn Dreams


Margaret said...

I love all your pieces -- wow! The turkey, Fancy Blackett -- which I really must stitch, and the yo yos -- so pretty!

Myra said...

Oh your turkey looks great Jolene and that Fancy dancing a jig - love her! Great to see a post from you. :o)

Myra said...

Oh your turkey looks great Jolene and that Fancy dancing a jig - love her! Great to see a post from you. :o)

TammyK said...

Love all your projects :) Would like to tell you it gets easier with your son driving but mine is a sophomore in college and I still get nervous every time he leaves for school.

Theresa said...

Your projects are all so pretty!!!!! What a great variety!!!
It's great that your son has been driving, good luck with that~~

Siobhan said...

My kids don't drive yet--which is probably why I'm not totally gray. LOL Good luck to you AND your son!

Love the turkey, and Fancey is adorable! The yoyos--I dream of doing a yo yo quilt one day.

Marjorie said...

Good to see you posting again (from someone else who hardly ever posts lol). I love Fancey Blackett, too cute...and I feel your pain re: kids driving. My eldest is 14 and the thought of her getting behind the wheel makes my colon clench.

Sherry :o) said...

Wow - now that's yo-yo's abound! I love Fancey - have seen her visiting many blogs.

Driving children are certainly hard on the nerves! I have one who has been driving for two years still is hard sometimes.

Catherine said...

That's a lot of yo-yos!

Love your turkey and Fancy is going to have to go on my wish list!

Anonymous said...

You've been busy, busy Jolene with all your fabulous projects. Love the yoyo's! Always scary to turn those cars over to the kids! XOXO

trillium said...

just love that squirrel dancing with the witch!

I am planning to start yo-tos soon.

Carolyn NC said...

Turkey, stitching and yo-yo's look wonderful!

Loraine said...

So fun to see a post from you. I have had a computer virus, and I have been out of the blog scene for quite a while! Just got a new one today, so I'm praying I am back in business.
Love your stitching, and wow your yo yo's are fabulous! Aren't they so much fun to make? I can't wait to see what you do with them.
Looking very forward to next weekend! Hugs to you dear friend.

Suzanne said...

Love the turkey and Fancey Blackett. The yo-yo's are fabulous, what great colour combinations you have there.

Argante said...

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Nice to meet you

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CindyMae said...

What a cute turkey!! Your stitching progress is looking great! Sounds like the Yo-yo's are keeping you busy but they are looking awesome! My daughter has not wanted to even take drivers ed yet, can not say that it hurts my feeling any! LOL There are crazy people out there driving these days but I know it is coming soon! Hope your son stays safe and I am sure that he has been taught well!

If you have not already stopped by my blog, make sure and visit. Got a giveaway going on that ends on the 5th!!!

Frieda said...

I love those primitives and the flower photo is great. Thanks for sharing.

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