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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Winding to UnWind

Do you wind to unwind?  Have you ever even thought about winding to unwind?  Well, I hadn't until last night.  While visiting my sweet 83 year old mother-in-law at the care center, I sat next to her winding my DMC thread onto some bobbins while she stewed over her dinner.  A dinner that was too salty, too bland, and not very good, so I think I am not hungry enough to eat dinner!  lol  I had a rough day and was not in the best of moods until I saw my MIL's smiling face.  But, don't let that fool you......she has some fire left in her and she lets you know it every once in awhile.  Especially when she wants to get out of there and GO HOME!  She has been recovering from some surgery she had just over a week ago to remove some tumors from her bladder wall.  I am still waiting for the test result from the hospital.

So while she is recovering I am stitching, and working, and well......the list goes on.  Here is a current photo of the Friendship Sampler from BOAF that I have been working on.

I have been working on a little "Twister" quilt that has been fun so far, but still need to dedicate some more time to get it done.

Meanwhile, I won a giveaway from Nancy of Bountiful Heirlooms .   She sent me a charm pack from Moda called "Baskets of Flowers" and a fabulous pattern with lots of pincushion patterns.  Now I just need to decide which one to make first!!   Decisions, decisions, decisions.  Thanks Nancy!!!!

On March 11th my (sweet 16 and never been kissed) son, Brayden, celebrated his 16th birthday.  What a milestone!!!!!  He had so much fun which included "three" birthday parties.  The first party was celebrated at Garcia's Mexican Restaurant on his real birthday, the 11th, followed by a party with friends on the 12th and last one with family on the 13th.  Lucky for me he is taking drivers education right now and has to complete 40 hours of drive time with his learners permit before he can get his official drivers license.  That won't happen until August because he has to have his learners permit for six months before he can take the actual test.  Here are just a few of his birthday photos:

Next up is a cute Bird Pincushion that my friend, Kathryn, made for me.  I should have taken a photo of the other side as is has a little pocket that holds a thread separator.  Isn't it just darling!!!! 

I have the last finish I made for 2010 to show you.  It is "One Sheep" by Carriage House Samplings.

Stitched on 32 ct. black linen using DMC threads as per pattern.  No changes were made.

Another finish by The Goode Huswife called, "Fruitful Clusters".  I loved stitching this one, too.  It never got old, the journey with needle and thread was fabulous!

Thanks for stopping by for a quick visit, I know I shouldn't be a stranger to blogging, I need to work on that one, too.  Happy day and as always....keep smiling and stitching! 


Andrea said...

What wonderful projects and finishes! I love all of them Jolene!
And yes, I wind to unwind. Simply playing with threads is relaxing to me. It's nice to have some cheap therapy every now and then :)
Happy 16th to your son!
Hope your MIL continues to improve...I think having that little bit of fire inside is what keeps you going! lol!

Hillery said...

Oh, it's so nice to see your pop in again, Jolene. Hope your MIL is doing well. It looks like you have been busy. Great finishes, and that quilt is going to be lovely.
Have a great day

Crazee4books said...

Hi Jolene,

Boy does that sound familiar. Sitting beside a hospital bed
passing the time by stitching
away on a little project while
the patient watches and shares
in a quiet, simple and pleasant

I admit that I never thought to take skeins of thread with me to wind on their bobbins during my visits. Good thinking on your part.

Your finish of One Sheep looks
fabulous on the black fabric.
It really makes the thread
colors stand out and look their

Fruitful Clusters is brilliant
too and again the fabric that
you chose to stitch it on really
sets off the design and the
threads very well. Love that

I love your Bird pincushion!
From the bow around it's neck
to the button used for it's
eye, it's quite a terrific gift
to receive from your talented
and generous friend.

Looks like your son had a
pretty fantastic birthday!!
Best wishes to him for turning
sixteen and good luck with the
driving thing!


Jan said...

Jolene, I have been so missing you! Was just thrilled to see your post. And I adore your wip and your finishes, I want to stitch them all. All because you and your wonderful stitching and pictures. Please do stick around!!!

Here is praying that your dear MIL is well and able very soon, and your son has a great birthday!!

Suzanne said...

You have had some wonderful projects you are working on. I really love your CHS and Goode Huswife pieces.

I hope your MIL is doing well.

Catherine said...

Happy birthday to your son! Looks like fun times! And best wishes for your MIL's recovery.

All of your stitchy things are wonderul!

Peggy Lee said...

Love your WIPS Jolene! One of these days I'm going to stitch something on some very dark (or black) fabric. I really like the look of it. Your stitching is absolutely beautiful as usual.

A very happy 16th birthday to your baby boy. They grow up oh so quickly.

Heartfelt get well hugs to your MIL.

Berit said...

Wonderful to read a blog from you, Jolene! :D Congrats on the milestone and love your beautiful stitching and finishes, as ever.


Karen said...

You have some great projects going as well as some great finishes. Love the One Sheep...the colors just really pop against the black linen. Very pretty!

happy stitching....

Loraine said...

So great to see a post from you! I hope you MIL is recovering from surgery. Poor thing! She has really gone through so much lately.
Great stitching! I just love Fruitful Clusters. I've never seen that one before. All your stitching is fabulous.
Fun photos of the party. I'm having one of those parties tonight. (heaven help me!)
Hope you have a great day, and keep smiling!

Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

I don't know how I missed this post! You have been so busy - I'm sorry about your MIL but she is lucky to have you by her side. Great use of your time, BTW!
One Sheep looks so pretty - I can't remember seeing that one before - great finish and on black fabric no less - ugh - so hard on the eyes.

The GH finish is wonderful as well - I've always liked that one.

The bird pincushion Katherine made is really sweet (tell her hello).

And you know I love the BOAF Friendship sampler!!! Well done.

Happy b-day to your DS - love the shot with the paintball guns! Here's to another new driver - fun and scary!


Robin said...

Great projects! You certainly have been busy. BTW, happy belated birthday to your son, looks like he had a wonderful day!

How blessed your MIL is that you are close enough to spend time with her while she recovers from her surgery. I'll say a prayer that the test results come back negative.

staci said...

Your MIL does sound fiesty! That was a great idea to wind thread while visiting with her :)

Happy Birthday to your son! And I love all the pictures of your stitching and quilting...all your projects are gorgeous and vibrant!

Take care Jolene!