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Friday, December 17, 2010


Greetings Dear Blogging Friends.  In just under a week away marks a "day" which I haven't decided whether or not this "day" serves as a curse or a blessing.  I guess that depends on who I ask.  To some I am considered a blessing, being born on December 23rd and taken home on Christmas Day, I was swaddled in a snowy white blanket with a big red bow smelling like freshly scented baby powder.  To my family I was more than likely considered a new festive ornament with a "tax deduction" that year. me, growing up felt like a curse.  Birthday and Christmas gifts (aka Birthmas Gifts) were received as one, not on my birthday, but on Christ's birthday. I know, I know, I shouldn't be complaining, but, it would have been nice to have received birthday presents wrapped in birthday paper on my real birthday like my friends received on their birthdays.  Seems simple, right?  Wrong!!!!   Too much hustle and bustle with Christmas so near, who had time for a birthday??  As you can tell, I am a little bitter towards my birthday,  in fact, I would almost rather not celebrate it at all.

But......this year I am turning 41, forty-one, 4+1, ah, who am I kidding, anyway I look at it, it all spells and reads "old"!!!  So, I have decided to do something fun on my birthday, and fun for me is to give so why not have a giveaway?  After all, I seem most happy when I "give" to others.  Maybe because I was born at a "giving" time of year is why I feel the need to be so generous all the time. So, if you would like a chance to win these beautiful, limited edition, Sonia Gingher scissors, all you need to do if leave a comment with your birthdate.  Simple.  If you just want to list your month and day that works perfect.  If you want a second try post this giveaway on your blog and let me know when you have done so.

Next up, I finished this primitive Santa and friend (could it be Rudolph?) just last weekend.

It's a pattern by Pineberry Lane called Bringing Home the Tree.  I contemplated buying this patterns for a few weeks, but didn't purchase it until I found this:

Yes, this.  A clock, what am I doing with this you say?  Well, being the creative person I am, I am going to remove the face of the clock and use the "frame" of the clock for mounting the Santa in.  I adjusted the fabric to ensure a perfect fit and it is going to be awesome!

I stitched this on 35ct Confederate Grey linen with DMC floss.  Below you will see the colors I used in place of what was called for in the pattern.

My friend, Mr. Jack Frost would like to wish you all a Joyous Season.  Happy Holidays and if you would like to enter the giveaway, you can post your entries until the clock strikes midnight December 23rd. Good Luck everyone!  I will post the Birthmas winner on December 24th.


Jolene (aka JoJoBean)


Tricia said...

You poor thing. My sister was born on Dec 26th and my brother on Dec 27th, and I think they feel the same way. We do try to give seperate presents, but it doesn't always happen. Maybe you should declare an "unbirthday" halfway through the year and get presents then!!!! Lovely, lovely stitching. That finish will be amazing!! And the giveaway is fantastic, too! Those scissorsare on my wish list!!!

Joanne said...

Hi Jolene...

Happy Birthday!!!

My birthday is July 19th, 1963...which makes me 47! Believe me 41 is a much better number!

Very generous giveaway, please put me in for a chance to win...thank you.

Happy Birthday first and foremost, and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year as well.


PS...I will post your giveaway on my blog, Contented Stitcher.

Berit said...

I like a previous commenter's "unbirthday" idea. :D

I was born on November 12th, which WAS NOT in the Christmas Season when I was a child, but now that Christmas Starts the moment just past Midnight on Hallowe'en, It is! Ugh!

If it's okay with you, though, I'll sit this giveaway out! Yours last year was the first I ever won, but it must have brought me luck because I was blessed to win several this year! :D

Though you might want to skip it, we your readers are glad that you were born (even if at Christmastime!) and blogged so that we could "meet" you! :D

That stitching is great and will look perfect in the clock frame. ;)

Kathy said...

My brother-in-law's Birthday is also the 23rd. Like you the poor guy had never had a birthday celebration until he married my sister. Each year we always make sure to remember his birthday. A small cake, a card, anything to remind him that he is special on that day.

Just as you are!

My birthday is June 1. We won't say the year, thank you very much. LOL


Virtudes said...

Hi Jolene: Today I met your beautiful blog and I read your post. I would like paricipar in the draw for these beautiful baby scissors. I luckily my birthday on June 1 and will not say the year.
I wish you a happy birthday and a merry Christmas with his family. Greetings.

Cindi Loo Who said...

What a beautiful pair of scissors! Poor you with a Christmas time birthday. Mine is May 6.. I came home of Mother's Day and I know how you feel about being born near a holiday. When my kids were growing up I always got a combined Birthday & Mother's Day gift!

Sharlotte said...

Oh Jolene honey, I totally understand having a birthday close to Christmas. That always meant Christmas and birthday in one at my house too! And mine is almost a week later! I remembered that yours was coming up on the 23rd. I am ashamed to say that your gift will arrived late ... AGAIN!

Love the stitching and that awesome framing idea! You're a clever one!

Please enter me for your giveaway in which I know will be most awesome!

take care!

Silverlotus said...

My birthday is May 10th, so I often share it with Mother's Day. That always bothered me growing up. And now that I am a mom, my family tries to keep those two days separate, if they can.

I also grew up with someone who's birthday is on December 24th. I always felt sorry for them. I'm so glad my little man was born a month after Christmas. I kept hoping he wouldn't be early, because I know how hard a "nearly-Christmas" birthday is.

I hope you have a fabulous birthday this year.

Virtudes said...

Hi Jolene: Today I met your beautiful blog and I read your post. I Would like paricipar in the draw for These beautiful baby scissors. I luckily my birthday on June 1 and will Not say the year.
I wish you a happy birthday and a merry Christmas with His Family. Greetings.

Cole said...

I know exactly how you feel having a birthday on the 30th :) My mom was great though and always kept birthday wrap on hand... If someone came over with a birthday present wrapped in Christmas paper, she'd send them up to re-wrap their gift! Happy early Birthday to you!

Can't wait to see your finish, I'm sure it's going to be spectacular!

SilkLover said...

Happy Birthday, Jolene. Mysister has a birth day on Dec. 27. She felt the same as you do. My birthday is Feb. 21st. And 41 is NOT old. Haven't you heard that 41 is the new 25?

Thanks, and Merry Christmas too. I like that little sampler.

staci said...

Happy Early Birthday Jolene! You should have a half-birthday celebration on June 23rd!!!

My bday is Dec 10th, I think it's far enough before Christmas that I've never had the 2 for 1 problems :)

Cath said...

Happy Birthday for the 23rd . I'd love ot enter your giveaway . My birthday is 26th September , so not near any holidays .
I will post your giveaway on my blog ,

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Jolene! I can certainly relate to your misery, as my birthday is December 28th. Lousy time of the year to have a birthday. But, I have learned to live with the date and feel very fortunate,as I have gotten older, to be born during the same time as our Saviour's birth. My husband is much more supportive of the date and attempts to make it special. Growing up was much harder with a Christmas birthday. Enjoy your day not matter what! Live it to the fullest and do something fun. Love the scissors. and have never thought about giving during my special day.

Carin said...

My birthday is november 2.
I hope you have a wonderful birthday next week !!! I love that stitching of Pineberry Lane, those colors are so nice. And that snowman is so lovely !!

I have post about this give away on my blog, which you can find here:

Mel said...

That is no fun to have your birthday close to Christmas I think. Hope it's a good one!

My birthday is Feb 22. I'd love to be entered in your wonderful draw.

All the stitching looks just fabulous!

Ranae said...

Jolene! Happy Birthday! maybe it will be different this year, I sure hope so.
I would love to enter in your give-away
My Birthday is July 5th and gets overlooked too. Everyone is too pooped after the 4th day parade, picnics, carnival rides, fireworks, ect. they forget about me that next day. My one wish though is to receive a bunch of stitchy stuff from my family and that never happens as of yet anyway
Best Wishes!!!

Ranae said...

P.S. I love that design and it will look fab in that clock

Karen said...

Hope you have a great birthday! Love your finish and you are correct that it will look great in the clock frame.

Would love to be entered in your giveaway. Hope you have a merry christmas too!

Margaret said...

Oh gosh, I love your finish and what you're planning to do with it too! Just lovely! Happy birthday to you! You're a youngster! lol!

Lisa V said...

I dont seem to know anyone who has a birthday that close to Christmas, my family are pretty well spread through the year, with me, my husband and son all running May, June & July. My birthday is June 2 and I would love to enter your giveaway, it would be my first pair of ginghers if I am lucky enough to win. I will also place the giveaway in my sidebar.
Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday

Melody said...

First of all, Happy Birthday! What a cool idea with the clock! You will have to post a picture when you are done.

Thanks for the lovely giveaway for your birthday, and 41 isn't old...
July 8 is my birthday.

Please enter me! Thanks.

Peggy Lee said...

How creative of you to think of that clock as a frame for your beautifully stitched piece! I can't wait to see pictures of it all "framed" up.

We are close in age....August 7, 1968.

I would love a chance to win these lovely scissors!

Peggy Lee said...

I have put a notice about your "birthmas" giveaway on my sidebar.


Pumpkin said...

You know Jolene, I've heard that a lot from people who have been born around Christmas so you're not alone. I can't imagine it would be fun because birthdays are supposed to be your own special day.

I would LOVE to be entered in your giveaway! My b-day is June 12 :o)

LOVE your idea for your latest finish!!!! Very creative and I think it will look awesome.

~*Shar*~ said...

41!! Honey I'll be 50 Feb 26!! Now that's old. LOL Happy birthday hun and please enter me in your drawing; these scissors are beautiful.

Hugs, Shar

stormybrew57 said...

Happy Holiday Birthday! My birthday is July 14th. I love my summer birthday. Please enter me in your drawing. And btw I love your clock frame idea, cant wait to see the finished piecr. Happy Holidays! Beth N. (

Marsha said...

Sorry about your birth date. That would REALLY suck. My birthday is June 29th which is a very weird birthdate too. No One remembers it. My one and only birthday party as a child was attended by ONE guest - the rest forgot. Poor us.

Becky said...

Coming from a family with three birthdays in the second half of December (including one on Dec 26), I can sympathize mightily with your desire for a really separate special day. Here's hoping you have one this year!

I would love to be entered in your giveaway. My birthday is a nice middle-of-the-year June 5.

Happy birthday!

Kim said...

Happy Birthday - mine is December 14th! Thank you for the give away. I enjoy your blog!

Theresa said...

My birthday is on Feb. 3, which always falls on the Chinese New Year holidays. Plus my little sister's birthday is ten days before me, so we always celebrate our birthdays together when we were young, and when my birthday comes people will be so busy with Chinese New Year that they will totally forget my birthday..... So when anyone remembers my birthday and surprise me with a greeting, I always feel super apprciated~~

Thank you for hosting such generous giveaway!!! Happy birthday and Merry Christmas~~

Ellen said...

Happy Birthday! Know how you feel, birthday should be your own special day.

Love your beautiful stitched piece, the clock will make a lovely frame.

Would love to enter your giveaway. My birthday in 19th November.

Happy Holidays!

Nina said...

Dear Jolene,

Happy Birthdays to You :)
Mine is in December, too :)

This is a very generous giveaway, please count me in, thank you.

Wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Nina said...

I have posted on my blog sidebar.

lapappilon said...

hello! happy birthday!
my birthday : 27.12.1982. :-D
I want to play with you, please enter my name...
Hugs, kisses

blackcat said...

Happy birthday young bird! I'll be turning 50 next year (Oct 6th) which doens't sound so great to me...Whatever, I'm young at heart so why bother! Have a wonderful festive season and please give me a chance to win. Thank you!

Cathy Lloyd said...

JoJoBean, I must inform you that 41 is not old... :) I'll be 54 on January 21st and I'm celebrating it in the Carribean with the hubs! I think you should pick me for the winner-winner-chicken-dinner! LOVE your idea of putting the sampler in the clock! FABULOUS! See you in July!

Sherry said...

I love this pattern and hope to get it sometime soon.

Patty C. said...

My son has a birthday in December as well - You are not alone !!

My birthday is April 28th - And I think it would be awesome to win those lovely scissors - count me in for the giveaway :)

I like the Merry Christmas Finish - Great colors :)

pippirose said...

Happy Birthday!
I'd love the chance to win those lovely scissors!
BTW--your work is gorgeous!
pippirose59 at gamil dot com

Brigitte said...

Oh Jolene, this Santa and friend in the woods is so pretty. You chose great colours for thsi pattern and your idea of mounting it into the clock frame is fantastic. I can't wait to see it.

Blu said...

Happy early birthday! I support the "unbirthday" idea.
Mine's May 7, and it's nowhere near any celebrations so it's all good!
Please enter me in your drawing for those gorgeous scissors.

Loraine said...

Jolene! I'm in love with your sampler! It will darling in your clock. You are soooo cleaver. I already posted on here, but I don't see it, so maybe I didn't type in the right word verification. That would be my luck!
You are a doll. I promise to make your birthday fabulous. The scissor are great. You might want to gift them to yourself, because they would look really great with what I'm doing for you. LOL

Missy said...

My birthday is Nov.2nd and the start of my FIVE siblings birthdays up until Dec 12th so growing up I only had my own birthday cake once. LOL..
Thank you for celebrating your birthday with all of us.


Natasha said...

What a great finish and a clever way to display it.

I want to wish you a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Not a Birthmas :)

I was born Jan. 27th slowly working my way through my 30's. I would love to be entered for the scissors, I love that pattern.

Thank you for the generous gift

Niina said...

Hi! My mom has her B-day December 25th and I always give her separete gifts! I will be 30 in next september (14th) and it is little bit hard to start new decade :)

Jules said...

Don't feel too bad about being born so close to Christmas. I feel more for those born ON Christmas Day. Oh well, Have a great one anyway...and no you are not old. It's just a number afterall! :D

Oh, and mine is May 21

Jennifer said...

hi Jolene and Happy early Birthday!!!!! I can't imagine how that must have been growing up to not have a birthday separate. So sorry but buy you something special this year!!!!!

My birthday is on Labor Day usually, Sept 3rd.

I absolutely love your finish and your idea of taking out the face of the clock and putting in a design is more than awesome! Stunning it will be I'm sure of it.

Girl, you got about 6 or 7 years to catch up with this "old " girl...LOL I digress on that subject.

Love your sampler, it's so prim and neat.

Jennifer said...

Hey again, it's me again. Just to let you know I posted on my blog, Feathers in the Nest about your giveaway!


CalamityJr said...

Happy (almost) Birthday! I'll be 60 next April 8, and I'm actually looking forward to the number! Can't say why, but for some crazy unknown reason I am. Silly me!

My daughter's birthday is exactly 4 weeks before Christmas, so I always know just how long I have until the "big" day. That's far enough apart to have celebrated separately, but close enough that, when she got to the age of wanting larger gifts, we could put the two occasions together and justify the expense. Worked well for her!

Please include me in your drawing. I'll consider it an early birthday present to me, haha.

Bonnie said...

Your clock is going to be beautiful.
My birthday is August 29th.
Please enter my name in your giveaway.

Pilar said...

Happy birthday. My birthday is june 8. I would like to enter in your draw though I live in Spain. Is it possible?
I have post about this give away on my blog.
Merry Christmas!

PegC said...

Happy Birthday--mine is 3-7-52
yes--when I do the math i think--who's that you're talking about? Surely not me! My sister's is Dec 27th and for years we'd forget then throw a party about a week later!

I'll post this on my blog:

pj said...

Happy Birthday Jolene1 Enjoy every year no matter what date your birthday is on....they go by very fast the older we get. I love your little santa sampler and framing idea! Very creative and I know it will look beautiful in that casing. Please show us the finish!!!! Merry Christmas! pj

Catherine said...

I have a neice who's birthday is close to Christmas -- and I know it's so hard for her!!

Those scissors are fantastic! I'd love to have a chance to give them a good home! My birthday is April 13th - love it when it falls on a Friday! And 41 is not old!!! :)

blucnuf said...

Happy Birthday now and again on the 23rd. My birthday is May 16th and my daughters is May 15th. I let the light shine on hers because mine is not as important as hers. It is hard having a birthday close to a holiday because it does always seem to get blended in. From the sound of the posts so far yours will not blend in. Love your blog and thank you for the giveaway. Sandy

Carol R said...

Beautiful Sonia scissors and not easily obtainable in the UK unless I order online! Please enter me into your draw. I am a Decemberite too - in fact it's my birthday today! I was always given one present for both occasions and not only that I was never able to have a party and had to 'share' a party on my sister's birthday in March. It was not the same - it was her birthday not mine!

Lindsay said...

Happy Birthday Jolene.
Age is just a state of mind, although my real age is 38 my DD told me a couple of years ago that it was like living with a 5 year old some days living with me and this year I was allowed to be 6 and I got card that said so :)

My birthday is May 16 and I'd like to be entered in your draw

Dorothy said...

Happy Birthday Jolene. My birthday was November 28, together with my sister and brother. They are twins and were born on my 2nd birthday. How I used to wish for my own special day, and birthday cake! lol
Your needlework is beautiful. Please enter me in your giveaway.

Sandy said...

Agood pair of scissors is always a good thing!=) My birthday is February 18. Happy birthday to you!

Bronzemom said...

One of my best friends was born on December 26th. He, too, disliked that and as he grew older DEMANDED a special birthday party with new gifts! :)
I was born on October 27th. I love my birthday -- autumn in all it's glory and the season of the witch.
Now following your blog, too!

Happy Birthday!
bronzemom AT gmail DOT com

Bronzemom said...

I have placed a link to your giveaway on my blog's sidebar:

bronzemom AT gmail DOT com

Deb said...

Jolene - Your sampler looks wonderful!! And it's going to look just perfect in the clock. You have some wonderful ideas!

I'm glad to see you post - I've missed you since our time in Utah. I hope that we are able to do that again.

And I hope that you have the most wonderful Birthday. I know how you feel about the date of your birthday - seems like you get gipped in a way, doesn't it. My mom's birthday is Christmas Day and my sister's is the day after. We used to bake a cake and celebrate their birthday's in June.

Anyway, I hope that you have the most wonderful and a wonderful Holiday season!

Diane said...

Just wanted to wish you a very happy birthday! My daughter and son can commiserate with you, having been born three days after and one week before Christmas, respectively. It has always een a challenge trying to come up with creative ways to make their birthdays special and independent of everything else going on in those two weeks!

No need to add me to the drawing, I already have a pair of Sonias. Good luck to all who enter!

Anne Sans Tete said...

My birthday is August 28- St. Augustine's Day. It's the perfect time for a birthday because there are NO holidays that month! Maybe you can change yours?!?!

I posted your giveaway on my blog.

Happy Birthday & Merry Christmas!!!

- Lisa N.

Shelley said...

Jolene this is an awesome way to celebrate your birthday with a giveaway. I would love to be entered in the drawing. My birthday is December 10th, 1976. I have placed your giveaway on my blog sidebar for all to see.

Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas

Sherry :o) said...

I will post your giveaway on my blog - so please, enter me twice...those scissors are beautiful and I have looked for them around here (or similiar ones) with no luck.

My birthday is Nov. 3rd - only thing that is exciting that coincides with my bday is election day - yipiee! My s-i-l is Dec 27th and said she received many a gift wrapped with half bday paper and half Christmas paper - I am sure she felt cheated many times.

Hope your birthday is a glorious one!!

Sherry :o) said...

Please enter me in your drawing - I did post on my sidebar too!

Love the prim Santa - the trees are very cool - please show a pic of the 'framed' piece.

November 3rd is my day - only thing that ever coincides with it is election day. My s-i-l is December 27th and said she used to get gifts wrapped in half birthday paper and half Christmas paper. She felt cheated many times...

Enjoy your birthday! Thanks for a super giveaway.

Chelsea said...

Happy Birthday! :) You're so sweet to offer a present to us on your birthday, thanks.

I'm lucky enough to have TWO birthdays -- April 12, the day my mother gave birth to me, and Jan 4, the day I received a multiple-organ transplant (24 years apart). This year, we're going out to dinner to celebrate life. Yum, food! Followed by stitching, I hope. :)


Carolyn NC said...

I totally understand. My BD is 3/29, but my mother's is Dec. 22; and she had the exact same complaint. So, as adults, we've all tried to keep her BD as separately as possible. She's turning 90 this year; so in reality, you're not old at all! May you have a blessed Birthday and a merry, merry Christmas to you!

April Mechelle said...

Happy Birthday Jolene !!! my bday is 5-10-1965. I love the Bringing home The Tree!! I will need to look for that pattern!!! I need me some new scissors !! Hope I win !! Thank You !

Sandy Ang said...

Your Christmas santa and reindeer looks so appealling. Thanks for the chance at those scissors. My birthday is smack in the middle of the year - 2 July.

Patti said...

Trust me 41 is so much better than how old I am. You have so much more stash buying and fabric buying and stitching and quilting. Okay my wonderful friend my birthday is April 30, 1947!!! See I told you 41 was better.
Patti xxx

Patti said...

I put a link to your Birthmas Giveaway on my blog before I sent you the other comment you young thing you.
Patti xxx

Sandra said...

What an amazing giveaway to celebrate your birthday. I am really lucky that my birthday is slap bang in the middle of the year on June 12th. Love the idea of a stitched piece set in the clock.

Sharon said...

Your finish is beautiful!

vEr0n!c@ said...

Happy Birthday, Jolene. My birthday is on 8 December... Not as close to Christmas as yours is but I do understand what you mean. Like you, I'm also having a birthday giveaway on my blog :) Giving sure is fun, isn't it? I love those Sonia scissors. They're very pretty and I'd really appreciate if you would give me a chance to win them. Thank you!

Elisa said...

What a fab giveaway...hoping you have a fab birthday and Christmas...I was born 10th October and will be 40 next year!!

Teca said...

Happy Birthday & Merry Christmas!!!

karamino said...

Happy Birthday, Jolene! Please. enter me to your giveaway^)
Happy Birthday & Merry Christmas!

Virpi said...

Happy birthday to you =). My mom has also birthday on 23rd.

kmaurer said...

I hope you have a great day tomorrow! My birthday is April 3, which has on occasion fallen on Easter, but that's nothing like falling close to Thanksgiving.

I have an aunt that is a December 25 baby. Her name? Merry

Thanks for offering such a generous giveaway. I look forward to adding your blog to my Google Reader.

Teresa S. said...

Your stitching ideas are so creative! Please enter me in your giveaway drawing. I will also post on my sidebar about it. Merry Christmas!

Jill said...

My birthday is 9-10-66 and I always got school clothes for my birthday!

Kathy A. said...

Belated but heartfelt birthday wishes.
11-08 - 52 - oh to be 42 again lol.
Sending warm holiday wishes.

Anonymous said...

A Xmas birthday! One of my sons has a 12-24 birthday. We have tried very hard to keep his day special and have done the half birthday at times. My birthday is September 10, 1957. Remember when you couldn't wait to be double digits, then a teenager, then 16, then graduating from hign school, then 21 and finally getting out of college to begin your dream life. Now we can't wait for retirment and senior citizen discounts! Oh, how life changes. Pleas add me to your drawing.- Sandy (

Vasilinka said...

Very good sweetie, thanks for the chance.
My birthday is June 16

Greetings from Ukraine.
link on the side panels

Siobhan said...

Wishing you a blessed Christmas, Jolene! Wishing you a very happy birthday, Jolene! :) My brother is a Christmas baby... I think it is one of the many reasons he felt the pull towards Judaism! LOL

I'll pass on the giveaway, but thanks!

Fantastic finish!

Paula said...

I found youthrough Stitching Dreams :0}

I wish I had found you nearer this post . . not for the give ~ away, but to commiserate on our birthdays.

You are WAY younger then me .. . I turned 60 on January 11. Being a child of the 50's, there was no such thing as MASSIVE after Christmas sales where you could find wonderful things at a good price. Mom always said it was SO HARD to find nice things for my birthday after Christmas because everything nice had been bought and she didn't want to buy what was left.

So, she started buying pre-Christmas for my post-Christmas birthday . . and more often, than not, it would have to be returned and there was nothing worthwhile to trade for.

But, unlike you, I was lucky. In our home, your birthday began as soon as we woke up and it was celebrated from the time we came downstairs until we went to bed . . . nothing extravagant . .there would normally be a present on the dining room table to be opened in the morning . . . supper was our meal of choice as was our birthday cake (my brother's was birthday Lemon Meringue pie . .whatever . . lolol) and then any presents that had not been on the table in the morning.

I don't remember having a "leftovers" for my birthday feeling . . it was a special day, and it continues to excite me 60 years after I was born.