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Sunday, August 1, 2010


Hello friends!  I just had to share with you a BEAUTIFUL gift, aka RAK, I received from my friend Faye Raye.  Isn't this sweet little pincushion just gorgeous!  It is so tiny and sweet, just look at the beautiful shades of red and the pretty little pins in the upper corner.  OH MY!!!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart Faye, I will treasure it always.  I love pincushions and you must have known I collect them.  It's absolutely perfect....the stitching, the colors, the button, the pins.  You are such a talented gal to say the least.

Here is a picture of the back of the pincushion.  Love it!

And here is a little closer snapshot of those sweet little pins.   Aren't they just the neatest!

Thanks again my friend, that was soooo sweet of you.

Here is the latest photo of my WIP, Pennsylvania Pinwheel by CHS.  I am closing in on finishing this one and I am not going to sleep until I finish this tonight.  I am just dying to start on a Halloween project. 

My hubby and I recently went on a day trip to Wyoming and I took this photo of an old train station that I think is in the process of being restored.  I wonder if someone ever thought about turning it into a great restaurant!  That would be awesome!

I took this photo of my sweetie on the side of the train station.  I loved the patina of the rusty equipment and the beautiful thistles.  Look how tall they of them is as tall as my hubby!!!  Yikes, be careful of those prickly leaves......they might bite!

Speaking of prickly leaves, check out this Cactus.  We went to this little hole in the wall restaurant for dinner.  You can see by the photo it was a Mexican restaurant (our favorite) and I thought the "chandelier" was hilarious, who would have thought a cactus would be the perfect choice of lighting????  Just had to share......he he he....

Well, that's all for now, I have a deadline on my Pinwheel and if I don't get stitching soon, I just might be up all night and into the wee hours of the morn.  Thanks for visiting, I hope you had a fantastic weekend!!




Margaret said...

What a sweet gift from Faye! And I love your Pinwheel wip too! Good luck getting it done by the deadline. Interesting chandelier in that restaurant. You're right about that old train station too. Pretty cool!

Jennifer said...

Faye's pincushion is so pretty. Yes, she is a sweetie and that girl can stitch FAST! ;)

You are lucky!!!
The pins are so, so cute too. Just love them!


Catherine said...

Congrats on the beautiful RAK from Faye!! A treasure for sure!

Love the pics - especially the old train station.

I have the Pinwheel in my pile to do one day - can't wait to see how yours looks all finished up!

Karen said...

how lucky are you?! that is so cute!! and those pins, love them!!

Lisa said...

What a beautiful RAK! Your pinwheel is amazing looking, too. I can't wait to see you finish it :) Love the photo of the old railroad station too...I can see that being turned into a restaurant or some kind of fun little knick-nack shops.
Take care!

Brigitte said...

Such a nice little RAK from Faye. It's lovely!
During our last trip through Wyoming we visited the old train station in Cheyenne which was made into a museum. Looks great, inside and out.

Alice said...

Lovely RAK from Faye. I have not seen such pretty pins before. One can only find such pretty pins in America. The Pennsylvania Pinwheel is awesome Jolene. I bet once framed it is going to be very striking wherever you hang it. Love the colours too. I would like to convert an old train station like that into a home. Just imagine all the light coming through those windows. First time I see a cactus "chandelier". : ))Very much in theme.

staci said...

What a lovely RAK! Enjoy!

Myra said...

Fayes makes the cutest little pincushions. Her attention to the little details is fabulous. Love the pictures of the old train station and PP is looking great!

Amy said...

Love Love Love the PA Pinwheel. The colors are gorgeous.

Love those pins too.

Greats pictures. Thanks for sharing.

Have a beautiful day.

Loraine said...

Fabulous post Jolene! Those thistles are huge!!! I love how pretty they are, for a weed that is. LOL
Your pinwheel sampler is looking fabulous, and I love the pincushion. Perfect colors!

Nicole said...

That was so sweet of Faye! She is an amazing stitcher and finisher!

Sherry said...

Pinwheel is looking great! My husband loves Wyoming - lived there for quite a few years in his younger days. Looks like a nice drive you had.

Karen said...

Faye is a sweetie! Love your WIP...I just love the colors in it. Can't wait to see more.

Pumpkin said...

What a lovely gift! I saw those pin cushions on her Blog and thought they were lovely :o)

What a neat train station! You're right, it would be cool as a restaurant.

Those are some HUGE thistles! Very different from the ones we have here :o)

Suzanne said...

What a great gift from Faye. I really love those pins.